The company has been cooperating with customers for a long time to solve problems in the area of reactive power compensation. The offer includes analysis based on the knowledge of the properties of the electrical distribution network, we can develop corrective solutions for its optimization and trouble-free, economical operation. The product range is based on a variable range of compensators. The switchboards are dimensionally adapted for connection to existing equipment and technically correspond to the working location and operating conditions, including the influence of higher harmonics.


Power factor compensation options:


  • Classic contactor switchboards with automatic connection of capacitors to the mains. The solution is suitable for networks not disturbed by higher harmonics. The disadvantage is the possibility of overloading the compensation capacitors and possible increase of harmonic components in networks with their occurrence.


  • Protected expansion joints with serial LC circuit. The L chokes in these circuits are tuned to 189Hz as standard (attenuation factor p = 7%). The capacitor is protected against overload thanks to the compensating choke. There is no increase in the content of harmonic components in the network.


  • Non-contact protected switchboard with battery switching by means of semiconductor switches switching at zero and used in networks loaded with large pulse consumptions (automatic welding machines, presses, etc.)


  • Decompensators with stages, formed by contactors, connected by decompensation chokes, their regulation is controlled by a special unit.